Yellow Fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease that occurs in Africa and South America. It can occur in males or females of any age. The Aedes aegypti is the mosquito that is known to carry the virus.

The Yellow Fever vaccine is a live, weakened form of the virus given as a single shot, which is recommended for people aged 9 months or older who are traveling to or living in areas at risk for yellow fever, most people begin to develop immunity within ten days and 99 percent are protected within one month of vaccination, and this appears to be lifelong. Hence, vaccination should be administered at least 10 days before departure for epidemic area.

Countries Falling Within The Yellow Fever Belt: 











 Guinea Guinea


 Ivory Coast
















 Burkina Faso

 Cote d'Ivoire

 Central African Republic

 Equatorial Guinea 


 Sao Tome and Principe

 Trinidad and Tobago








 French Guyana



 Paraguay Paraguay





For more information about the above vaccine, please contact: 3911726.

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