Your payment:

The person who consents to medical treatment, including the legal guardian of a child, will be financially responsible for the bill. At Karong Clinics, you can pay your bill by cash or by credit card (pre-authorized).

If you DO HAVE insurance:

Your co-paymemt or deductible will be collected before the service. You will receive a bill from Karong Clinics if there is a balance due after your insurance company has paid us. Please note that any unpaid balance for services you received at Karong Clinics is your responsibility.

Bomaid: there will be no co-payment from patients if the procedure authurozed by the scheme.
Bpomas: there will be 10% co-payment plus 12% VAT.
Pula: there will be 10% co-payment from patients.
Botsogo: there will be no co-payment for platinum patients, there will be 10% co-payment for those have 10% on the Botsogo card.
If you DO NOT have insurance:

A down payment of the predetermined amount will be required at the time of service. This down payment will be applied to any charges you incur on this date of service; these may include, but are not limited to procedures, consumables and medications administered at the time of service. If the acutual bill is more than the down payment you will need to pay the balance after the procedure and if the down payment exceeds the charge, a refund will be processed for you as soon as possible.

Should you need more information, please fee free to contact us on 3911529 or contact your doctor directly in regarding to their charge.

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