Karong Surgical Centre (Ambulatory Surgery Centre)

Karong ASC is so far the only Ambulatory Surgery Centre (ASC) in Botswana, it occupies an area of 600+ square meters, features 2 main theaters, 4-bed post surgery observation room, overnight observation room, and the relevant supporting facilities, all the facilities meet the criteria for clinical standards and licensed by the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

Karong Theatres provides a well equipped and organized platform to the doctors, so that they can expend their service to their patients. And, for the patients, Karong ASC offers a convenient, cost-effective, high-quality solution to ease their illness.

Karong ASC equipped and staffed with a focus on patients and the surgeons performing procedures. The team includes anesthetists, doctors, registered nurses and other supporting staff. They have extensive experience serving patients undergoing surgery, and are proud of the service they are able to deliver to our patients. Comparing to the hospitals, our tight-knit team has the better running proficiency, and doctors are able to schedule procedures more conveniently, make sure that the equipment and supplies being used are the best suited to their need, patients received respect and loving care during and after procedures, thus ensuring an optimal outcome of all procedures, reducing post-operative complications and subsequent costs ever further.

For the procedures performed at Karong Clinics, doctors will charge their professional fee, while Karong ASC will charge anesthetist's professional fee, fee for theatre time and consumables. Comparing to the facilities in the hospital, Karong Clinics offers its services at a very reasonable price, which can save 30-50% of the theatre fee and anesthesia fee, thus, making many procedures affordable to patients in need.

Patients' contribution according to different medical aid schemes:

Bpomas: 10% + 12% VAT

Pula: 10%

Bomaid: 0.00 (fully paid by the scheme)

All the private practitioners / surgeons are welcome to utilize Karong ACS's facilities to extend their service, we will provide you with:

A very competitive tariff compared to the same facilities in the hospitals, making many procedures affordable for your patients.

A flexible timetable to meet your need which can save your valuable time, making more procedures available to your practice.

A friendly team for you and patients, making the procedure experience more comfortable to you and your patients.

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