Karong Clinics (Medical Day-Care Centre)

This double story medical day-care centre has a total operating space of 440 square meters, including spacious reception & customer waiting space, 3 treatment rooms, doctor consultation rooms, laundry & the relevant supporting facilities. The treatment rooms are equipped for are equipped to perform minor procedures under local anesthesia, as well as other treatments like wound dressing, Pelvic Examination, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Nebulization, IV giving treatment etc.

Karong Clinics offers care, comfort and quality outpatient medical services to the local society.

Customers' safety, comfort and convenience are our top concern as you are cared for by the best healthcare professionals in Botswana.

A group of health practitioners are practicing at Karong Clinic, service offered at the clinics indluding: Anesthesia, General Practice, Gynecology, General Surgery, Dental Surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Ophthalmology, Pediatric surgery, Plastic surgery, Health screening/examination, Pharmacy, Medical laboratory, Diagnostic X-Ray & Ultrasound.

 * Please note that all doctors are independent private practitioners, please contact them directly in regarding to their practice (rate, medical aid, appointment, etc).


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Dr Z. Zhang

General Practitioner

Mobile: 71539271

Tel: 3911726 (reception)
Tel: 3992350 (direct)


Dr George Khalil

General Surgeon

Mobile: 70604568

Tel: 3903286 (reception)

Tel: 3992351 (direct)

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Dr Ewetse Mosweu

Consultant Gynecologist

Mobile: 72569642

Tel: 3992353 (reception)

Tel:  3992352 (direct)


Mr Ian Siyabu.

Clinical Officer Anesthetist 

Mobile: 72179010

Tel: 3911529 (reception)

Tel: 3992115 (direct)


Dr Gureja Y.P.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Mobile: 72407463

Tel:  3992363 (reception)
Tel: 3992367 (direct)


Dr Thapelo R. Montshiwa.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Mobile: 71861506

Tel: 3992363 (reception)
Tel: 3992373 (direct)


Dr Gustavo V Sarduy

Ophthalmologist (eye doctor)

Mobile: 76881184

Tel: 3992362  (reception)
Tel: 3992358 (direct)


Dr Ana D. Rodriguez

Ophthalmologist (eye doctor)

Mobile: 77467603

Tel:  3992362 (reception)
Tel: 3992358 (direct)


Dr Goutam Chowdhury

Pediatric Surgeon

Mobile: 75596547


Dr Matthias Weigmann

Maxillofacial Surgeon

Mobile: 71479389

Tel: 3911529 (switchboard)


Dr German Castillo

Plastic Surgeon

Mobile: 71812614, 75706562


Dr Arthur Lasta

General Surgeon

Mobile: 72172213