Frequently Asked Questions:       download trifold pamphlet "Preparing for your surgery"

Q: What is Ambulatory Surgery Centre (ASC) ?

Ambulatory surgery centre it is a medical facility designed and equipped to handle surgery and certain diagnostic procedures that do not require overnight hospitalization. It offers patients the convenience of having surgeries performed safely outside the hospitals, which help saving unnecessary cost for patients.

The first ASC was established in 1970. Today there are more than 5000 ASCs in USA, they performed more than 25 million procedures each year and save 2.5 billion dollars annually for their customers. ASC has developed rapidly worldwide for a number of reason, including the following:

  • Improved surgical instruments
  • Less invasive surgical techniques
  • ASC provide cost-effective care that save the government, 3rd party payors and patients money.

Karong Ambulatory Surgery Centre was established in 2009, it is the first and so far the only ASC in Botswana.

Q: What kind of procedures does Ambulatory Surgery Centre do ?

Procedures performed in ASCs are broad in scope, general speaking, most patients who are in relatively good health may receive treatment at ASCs, most of the procedures that do not require a hospital stay  can be performed at ASCs.

ASCs has the capability of performing almost any procedures that is suitable for outpatient surgery. There are no limits on the duration of the surgery or complexity of the surgery performed at the ASCs, provided that the intention is for the patient to go home the same day as the surgery.

Karong ASC's extended observation unit (provide overnight observation) was established and licensed by Ministry of Health & Wellness in Aug 2017,  which greatly extend the scope of procedures and enable better, safer surgical treatment to the patients.

Currently, Karong ASC perform surgery on full-term children from 3 years of age.

Q: Why choose Karong Clinics for the procedures ?

SAFETY: Like all the healthcare facilities, Karong Clinics is highly regulated to ensure quality care and patient safety. Investigation conducted in USA showed that most of the ASCs had a better controlled infection rate than the bigger hospitals.

COST SAVING: ASCs are often able to provide care at a much lower cost to the patient and medical aid schemes through increased efficiency and lower tariff. Many of Karong's patients pay 30%-50% less in out-of-pocked expense for the same surgical procedures than they would at a local hospital. And patients don't have to wait to see the saving, the cost information is generally available prior to their surgery.

CONVENIENCE: Patients can conveniently access registration, surgical suites and recovery rooms, all in the same location. Being a smaller facility allows us to really tend to our patients, giving them a more relaxed, friendly environment to rest in and recuperate.

TIME SAVING: All surgeries at Karong Clinics are scheduled, so your procedure will not likely to be delayed due to an emergency case, which save valuable time for both doctors and patients.

Q: Do I have a choice on where I want to have my surgical procedure ?

Yes, as patient, you have your choice as to where you want your surgery performed. Consult your doctor to see if your procedure suitable to be done at an ASC.

Q: Does Karong Clinics accept my insurance ?

Currently, Karong contracted with the following Medical Aid Schemes and organizations: Bpomas, Pula, Bomaid, Botsogo, MVA fund.

Q: What am I allowed to eat before surgery ?

Please avoid all food and drinks before your surgery. The specific directions may be given during a preoperative consultation.

Q: What should I wear to the surgery centre ?

On the day of your surgery, please wear loose-fitting clothing, making it easy to dress and undress yourself.

Q: Should I take my normal medications the day of my surgery ?

Your doctor will give you specific directions regarding your medications. Please do not forgot to mention any use of blood thinners (e.g. Plavix, Asprin, etc.) during pre-operative consultations.

Q: Do I need a ride to and from my surgery ?

Yes, you will. Due to anesthesia, you will not be permitted to drive for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Q: How long will I be at the Karong ASC ?

Each case is different, however most patients can expect to leave Karong Clinics in two hours. For those required extended observation (overnight stay), will be discharged next day.

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